The Talent of the Screen Action Stunt Association:

Welcome to the Screen Action Stunt Association. Here you can find an all action/stunt/martial arts roster. We are an organization that can meet any tv or action film production needs by making it quick and easy for directors, producers, casting directors, and talent agents to find the perfect action/stunt/martial arts talent. We have people that are union and non-union members to fill any role as well as world renowned martial arts/weapons experts. Whether you need to cast a battle scene with a hundred warriors or a 2 man fight scene, we have your talent. Please contact us with any questions you might have and let us know how we can help you. To find out about any of our actors, actresses, martial artists, weapons experts, or stunt personel, please call 201-666-7100 OR use our contact form.

Headshots of this year's Action Film Academy Graduates and SASA members