JOIN the Screen Action Stunt Association:

Joining the Screen Action Stunt Association is what you need to further your entertainment career.  Giving industry insiders 24 hour access to our information and allowing every casting and talent agent to have us on file. Remember that the Screen Action Stunt Association represents wide range of talent from single talent to a balltefield of warriors for producers, directors, and talent agents, that is why we also train individuals. Our Action Film Academy graduates learn what is needed to successfully perform at a casting call.

If you think you have a skill that TV or Film demands, the Screen Action Stunt Association needs you, join today. Whether you are a fighter, weapons expert, school owner, martial artist, extreme sportsman... Call now for membership details 201-666-7100. The Screen Action Stunt Association will get you where you need to be. No one is left out!

Take the next step toward making your dreams a reality. To join the Screen Action Stunt Association, download our application and management agreement, review and sign, then submit all pages.  If there are any questions please email or call our office. Follow the link below to review and print a copy of our Representative Agreement.

Download and Print PDF Agreement