About the Screen Action Stunt Association:


Our goal at SASA is to provide producers, directors, productions companies, casting directors, and talent agents a quick reference database to find a stunt person or action/physical talent Michael DePasquale Jr's Screen Action Stunt Association ( SASA ) is a unique organization that not only represents an all action-based roster, but also educates it's members on everything about the stunt and action film business. All members are experts in their respective fields, (Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Gymnasts, Extreme Sports, etc.) and in addition, members learn basic screen fighting and falling, head snaps, body reactions and camera angles. These few techniques may be trivial, but if the talent already has experience with them, they can save production TIME and MONEY.

sasaAnother asset of SASA is that we can contribute to the entire action portion of the project. Within our organization we have not only stunt players, but also choreographers, F/X experts, pyrotechnic experts and a crew able to construct sets pre-rigged with the necessary hardware to create any action scene. In addition, some of our members have been responsible for not just the training of actors, but are also credited with the instruction of practical martial arts. SASA members have trained CIA agents, FBI agents, Special Ops personnel, local/state police departments, and traditional enthusiasts. This experience can be paramount to creating a realistic looking fight scene, and our members can do it!

It is easy to see how our company could be an invaluable part of any production, and make it easy for casting any action project. We are the FIRST and ONLY company that can meet any action project needs. The founders are S.A.G. and I.A.T.S.E. members and have numerous film and television credits that date back as far as the 1970's. We have people that are union and non-union members to fill any role. Please contact us with any questions you might have and let us know how we can help you. We are even listed under Unions & Guilds at Backstage.com.

DePasquale Media GroupArt Camacho on the set at AFA 2007 The DePasquale Media Group (“DMG”) is a movie production company specializing in action genre feature films. DMG is headed by Michael DePasquale, Jr. an internationally renowned martial arts expert, actor and award winning action film producer, and co-producer Anthony Errico. Award winning Film director Art Camacho recently joined the DMG team to take us to the next level of independent action films. His track record of successful feature films which includes “Half Past Dead 2”, Confessions of a Pit Fighter”, and “Crooked” establishes Camacho as a leader in this genre. Moreover, DePasquale and Camacho have trained many in the action film industry, some of whom have gone on to earn impressive film credits, including work in blockbuster films such as “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Spiderman”, and “The Matrix”. Their first hand knowledge in the field is unparalled. Vist Web Site

Action Film Academy

sasaUsing the talent and experience of members in the world of Martial Arts and Stunts, The Action Film Academy and Screen Action Stunt Association have been in the business of training professional stunt and film fighting personnel since 1991. All of the classes held at the Academy are instructed by SAG Members and Professionals with many years of experience. The training of stunt performers enhances the network of professionals that our production company, Screen Action Productions, and the SASA rely on in our film producing ventures. Action Film Academy has given the opportunity for thrill seekers to come and have the experience of a lifetime. The chance to stay with us during an Academy event and live the life of a Hollywood stunt performer. Recently we have begun developing programs for corporations interested in team building retreats. Currently the goal of MDP Enterprises, SASA & Action Film Academy is to successfully service any production company, director, casting agent, talent agent, & film company for whatever project they may have which requires trained stunt talent for film. Vist Web Site